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[Christmas Only Deal: Use code XMAS for 10% off](https://lolexperts.com/shop/)
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FAQ Page

How will my account be delivered?

The account will be delivered instantly to your billing e-mail address. Please check YOUR SPAM FOLDER before you start asking why you haven’t received the account πŸ™‚

What does ``Lifetime Warranty`` mean?

“Lifetime Warranty” means you will get a new account as long as this site exists, if your account gots locked (Although we encourage changing the details of the account the moment you receive it to avoid issues like this) or banned for botting and this was not due to your own fault from things such as toxicity and flame.
Each account reported to us as banned will be checked manually to verify the report.

I can't play ranked games!

In order to be able to play ranked games you need at least 20 champions owned. The amount of Blue Essence that comes with any account you purchase from us is more than enough for 20 champions, on occasions you can have enough for more than 20!

What names do the accounts have?

All our accounts come with standard in game names. Examples of this would be something like: BasilXD, or mIgMerry.

Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

Of course πŸ™‚ We support all customers, whether they place a large order or a small one. If you wish to place a bulk order feel free to contact us to discuss.

Is there a warranty on each account?

Of course πŸ™‚ We are so confident in the quality of our accounts we offer a Lifetime Warranty on ALL accounts purchased through us.

Where can I read your terms & conditions

You can read our privacy policy and terms & conditions page here…
Privacy Policy &Terms & Conditions